Tax calculator 2024 for B2B contractors in Poland Get to know how much you will exactly get as a sole-ownership business.

Full ZUS rates are not yet known. Provided values are approximate. Assumed 7 465,32 PLN for private avg. income in 4th quarter. Subscribe for updates and we will let you know once we will know the medical insurance data.

Additional costs (excluding VAT) related to conducting of business. For example phone bills, accountant.

When comparing to UoP you need to assume 26 days off and optionally additional 10 sick days off.

Are your days off paid? Change to hourly rate - See explanation...

Net monthly

10 000,00 PLN

After tax per month (-31%)

6 861,36 PLN

Net hourly

66,67 PLN

Net daily

533,33 PLN

PIT per month

981,45 PLN

Net yearly

120 000,00 PLN

ZUS per month

2 157,19 PLN

Total working days in 2024 ?

251 days/year

Your work time ?

225 days/year

Tax name Base Percent Tax amount
PIT - 🧑‍💻 IT (Programmers) 98 145,00 PLN 12 % 11 777,40 PLN